Friday, December 12, 2008

Some self defense tips

The HR at our firm organised a session on self defense tactics the other day. Here are some highlights from the session:

1. If you are ever caught in a terror attack in the open (like it happened in delhi), try and get down into a gutter (though you may smell horrible after that, atleast you will be alive!)

2. If you are caught in the midst of gunfire, get down on all fours; then try and find a pillar behind which you could hide.

3. In a hostage situation, never ever engage in conversation with the hostage takers.

4. In a situation like the one at Taj, try and get as close to windows leading out of the building as possible; it becomes easier for search and rescue teams. To be on the safer side, crouch below the windows.

5. As soon as you perceive a threat in the form of a terror attack, put your cellphone in vibration mode; message someone you know of your location.

And the biggest thing in all such situations -- DO NOT PANIC!!!


Suvro Chatterjee said...

It makes me sad that so few people are leaving comments on your posts,
Sumitha. Your efforts deserve much better than that. Most people, I think, alas, have already "moved on": they are waiting for the next media sensation! This is precisely why our netas simply wait before taking serious steps: they know from long experience that all the public anger and demands for drastic reforms are mere froth, which will subside and vanish in a few weeks or months.

Sumitha Kurien said...

Fortunately Sir, there are some of us who still care and I hope that though we are only a handful, we can make a difference.

Tanmoy said...

Thank you for your tips Sumitha. I also put forth some suggestions on community services sometime back but there were few takers.

Unless and until we make drastic changes in our lives, things are not going to improve.

My life has changed in we becoming much more aware. Though in NZ (where I stay now), people cannot imagine terror attacks but nevertheless being cautious and having presence of mind is of utmost importance.

Great spirit you have. Keep it up

Subhanjan said...

These tips are very helpful indeed. But I think before taking training on how to face hostage situations, let us first learn ways to prevent it. Let us not grow impatient while standing in a queue for security check. If anyone becomes impatient, we must ask him to bear with the importance of the security check. Let us pass through metal detectors and catch those avoiding them. Let us send our children to NCC camps and martial arts training centres. Let us keep our eyes open for mysterious people. Let us always keeps our mobiles in 'vibration' mode so that we do not fall in danger if we forget to switch it to vibration mode in a hostage situation. In any case this will also prevent a lot of irritating noise pollution in public places.

Sumitha Kurien said...

very good point, Subhanjan. A lot of us throw airs when we are subject to any kind of security check...that has to stop.