Thursday, December 4, 2008

Very useful links, have a dekko!

Atlast i've found what I was looking for; some comprehensive information about how to protect one's community, and it comes direct from the horse's mouth so to say. Check out these links, they should be useful for all Bangaloreans:

And this one, courtesy AP police, has links to websites of police departments across the country:

Do take time to go through the relevant links and please spread the message. Remember, it is the (computer) literate like us that can spread awareness among the ones that cannot browse these websites.


elixir said...

Great job Sumy! These would be very useful...can we think of a for the common terms of a poster or create awareness...I think one of the groups on Facebook are already considering that...

Sumitha Kurien said...


Yeah, i am in favour of a campaign, but i have hardly any support locally; without which it would be a tad difficult to do something of that magnitude. :( NOBODY in bangalore, that I contacted, seems remotely interested!!! :'(

Also, what I've experienced is that lots of people (me included), do not grasp the essense of a message unless it is oft repeated (yeah, parrot learning instincts I suppose, hehe). So now I am looking at some televised thingy, messages that run across the screen like flash news items...would you believe it Puchu, if i told you that I actually sent an e-mail to the director of doordarshan communications department, and to a person who works for the ETV network? :) I have serious doubts though, if we would hear back...however, i'm going to keep sending mails like Andy Dufresne in shawshank :)