Friday, April 20, 2012

rights based development vis-a-vis security

i read a fair bit about public policies, the loopholes in the implementation and execution of them and the likes, over the past few weeks. one of the approaches to the formulation of public policies is rights based development; which essentially means you need to politicize the policy formulation and implementation as opposed to the depoliticized approach. fair enough. if it takes that to ensure sound policies and thereby a well rounded nation, then so be it. so that took me back to class 6 civics lessons where we learnt that there are 7 fundamental rights. add to those, the right to education, and we have 8 rights and therefore 8 potential lodestars for development. it's funny why despite all the terror we have seen over the years, the right to security isn't a fundamental right in india. legalizing would definitely bring in accountability, and then hopefully, some practical policies to give shape to our fight against terror. thoughts, anyone?

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