Monday, June 15, 2009


I happened to see "A Wednesday" on Sunday. It is one of those movies that I can watch again and again and not get bored (another one is Shawshank Redemption, but that's another story and I shall not digress, especially not on such a serious blog as this).

So coming back to A Wednesday... the character played by Naseeruddin Shah is so resolved and purposeful in his intention to do his bit to put an end to a menace that is very aptly compared to a pest infestation in a house. I wonder if there are some of us out there, who feel just like he does. Maybe we can't plant counter bombs at terrorist hideouts or plan the elaborate kind of thing that's shown in the movie, but we certainly could do something...I'm sure we could, I just don't know how and what. The more I think about the trifles we bother ourselves with, the more I feel anxious and at a loss to understand why our own safety (if that sounds selfish, so be it; but truth be said, something has to spur this nation of millions into action) is not of primary importance to all of us.

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